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Winter Sports School

ATILIM starts "Winter Sports School" for a group of students during Christmas vacation.

In cooperation with the parents of kids from Texas, USA, a group of students will train with ATILIM instructors via online classes.

"The pandemic affected everybody and the kids have to spend their holiday season at their homes. However, staying at home all day is not healthy as well. Thus, in cooperation with families we decided to start a winter sports school for kids. We will be teaching ATILIM KIDS WingTsun blended with many fun activities so that it will be a fun holiday activity. We will have one hour of online class each weekday for two weeks for the students aged 7-13." said Sifu AKIN.

ATILIM developed a unique curriculum for kids to teach them WingTsun in a fun and safe way focusing on developing their agility, speed, hand-eye coordination, functional strength and many other health benefits.


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