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ATILIM Concludes FREE Online Classes

ATILIM started free online classes instructed by Sifu AKIN on March 23, 2020 to ease the life and to support immune system of people staying at home due to corona virus.

First phase of classes continued two months and in a nine week period Sifu AKIN instructed eight online classes per week . After a short break, the second phase of classes started on June 1st, and Sifu AKIN instructed five classes a week.

As the precautions and limitations related to corona virus loosen, gyms in many countries started face to face lessons.

Taking the existing situation into consideration, ATILIM decided to end fee online classes as of 23 July 2020.

Since the beginning of corona pandemic, ATILIM became the leading organizations to adapt itself into changing conditions and started online classes earlier than its competitors. Since then, ATILIM is the only organization to continue free online classes instructed by directly the founder and chief instructor.


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