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ATILIM SummerCamp '22 Starts

ATILIM SummerCamp started on 3 August 2022 at Amstelveen, NETHERLANDS. First day of ATILIM SUmmerCamp '22 held at ATILIM GYM in Amstelveen. The group was at Amstel Park on the second day of the camp. Camp will continue at different locations three more days.

ATILIM SummerCamps continue since 2015, the year ATILIM was established. Sifu AKIN instructs at SummerCamps. Each day of ATILIM SummerCamp is full of training, starting with ATILIM Escrima and finishing with ATILIM WingTsun.

ATILIM holds SummerCamps at different countries to reach more students and benefit the event as an alternative holiday opportunity enjoying yourself and keep learning.

Traditionally, ATILIM organizes an AssistantSeminar as a gift to the participants in addition to traditional dinner and other side events.

ATILIM already had SummerCamps in USA, Turkey, Netherlands and Georgia since 2015 sometimes in one or more countries in the same summer.

ATILIM will host two SummerCamps in 2022. The first is already started in the Netherlands. Second SummerCamp o 2022 will be held in Gebze, KOCAELİ, TURKEY.


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