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ATILIM Assistant/Instructor WinterCamp’23 and DigiLead Dissemination Event

ATILIM GYM hosted the ATILIM Assistant/Instructor WinterCamp’23 on 23-27 December 2023. The seminar was instructed by Sifu AKIN, the founder and chief instructor of ATILIM. He taught the instructors the first five student levels of ATILIM WingTsun, covering the basic techniques, principles, and applications.


The camp was attended by potential and existing assistants and instructors. The participants had the opportunity to practice and improve their skills, as well as to exchange feedback and experiences with each other. The camp also included lots of teaching methodologies and tips to enhance the capacity and performance of ATILIM students.


On the last day of the camp, Sifu AKIN also had a dissemination event of the DigiLead project, which is co-funded by the European Union and aims to support adult sports coaches to build a digital transformation strategy. ATIIM is the managing partner of the project, along with other educational institutions and organizations from Norway, Estonia, and Türkiye.


Sifu AKIN presented the main objectives and outcomes of the DigiLead project. He also demonstrated the features of the online education portal.


Both the camp and the dissemination event were interactive and engaging, as the attendees had the chance to ask questions, share their opinions, and try out some of the tools. The event also raised awareness and interest in the DigiLead project and its benefits for adult sports coaches.


The ATILIM Assistant/Instructor WinterCamp’23 and the DigiLead dissemination event were both successful and rewarding events, that showcased the expertise and vision of Sifu AKIN and ATILIM. The events also strengthened the network and collaboration among the instructors.


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