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ATILIM SummerCamp '22 Ends

ATILIM SummerCamp '22 ends today. This year's SummerCamp started on 3 August 2022 and participants had 5 days full of ATILIM Escrima and ATILIM WingTsun classes.

Classes were instructed by Sifu AKIN and guest instructors throughout the camp. As a tradition, Sifu AKIN hosted a barbecue on the fourth day of the camp. Furthermore, participants also had an AssistantSeminar on the third day of the Summer Camp as a gift of ATILIM.

Another SummerCamp is planned for ATILIM members in Turkey on 17-21 August in Gebze KOCAELİ. Please contact Sifu Süleyman YÜKSEL for details.


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