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ATILIM TURKEY is Stronger with a New Instructor Degree

ATILIM TURKEY keeps strengthening its team of coaches. Recently Sifu AKIN presented the 1st Instructor Degree at ATILIM WingTsun to DaiSihing Murat TEMEL on the last day of ATILIM Turkey SummerCamp on August 21, 2022.

During the ceremony Sifu AKIN said "Since our first meeting, Murat follows all my instructions with utmost details and repeats them until it becomes a natural reaction of his body. Being a hardworking student and instructor, he is a great role model not only to his students but also to all ATILIM family. It is my pleasure to announce his long time ago deserved first instructor degree and wish him success for his upcoming new program. I appreciate all his endeavors in ATILIM and I would like to thank him for all his contributions to ATILIM Family."

DaiSihing Murat TEMEL is the ATILIM WingTsun instructor at Gebze ATILIM School.

He is among the first individuals joining the ranks of ATILIM when ATILIM was first established in May 2015.

Since joining ATILIM, DaiSihing Murat TEMEL is among the most active group leaders and leading one of the biggest ATILIM groups in Turkey.

Together with Sihing Ali Osman GÜMÜŞTAŞ, DaiSihing Murat TEMEL instructs ATILIM WingTsun, ATILIM Escrima and KickBoxing at their own gym in Gebze.

DaiSihing Murat TEMEL is also 4th Dan at KickBoxing, 1st Dan at Wushu, and also holds 2nd degree Trainers Certificate at KickBoxing.


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