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A new ATILIM WingTsun group in Texas

ATILIM started a new ATILIM WingTsun group in Austin, Texas. Sifu AKIN is teaching online ATILIM WingTsun classes to the group twice a week and the first month of the classes already finished.

"This is a blended course including online and face-to-face classes. I teach the basics via online classes and will be covering the practical parts by face-to-face classes. Since the establishment of ATILIM in 2015, due to participations from different countries I have been using online classes. But they were mostly for instructors of ATILIM. However, since March 2020 I am teaching online classes to new beginners and all other levels of students. It is a great opportunity. Now we can teach ATILIM WingTsun without being limited to borders. This group from Austin, TX is mostly new beginners including one member who started WingTsun long ago but had to quit training. It is a great group and we both enjoy our time, have fitness, train WingTsun and fight against pandemic boosting our immune system by regular exercise. It will be a hybrid training model blending online and face-to face classes. Now I am teaching the theories. Soon, I ll start traveling USA regularly to cover the practical parts of the curriculum." said Sifu AKIN on the new group.

ATILIM was established in USA in 2015 by Sifu AKIN. Since then ATILIM expanded to many countries. ATILIM is one of the best martial arts organizations adapting to changes to conditions in many aspects such as curriculum, teaching methodology and conduct of business.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Sifu AKIN conducted 112 hours of free online classes as a social responsibility. Since October 2020 Sifu AKIN teaches online classes regularly as a part of his hybrid training methodology.


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