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Being a type of art itself, ATILIM supports art events and works in many aspects, embracing the life of all of its members.

A recent cooperation of ATILIM with Artist Yavuz YENER started to give birth to beautiful and awesome products.

Upon the request of Sifu AKIN, Artist Yavuz YENER designed WingTsun figures special for ATILIM.

Upto now, Artist Yavuz YENER finished the design of three pieces. One of the piece is the Gan Sau-Punch figure. The other is half size of the first product.

It is impossible to think WingTsun forgetting a wooden dummy. Third product is a wooden dummy figure.

The figures can be presented either one piece or together as a fighter training on wooden dummy. To see the 3D design of the figures please visit the links below.

The figures are for sale to all WingTsun/ Chun enthusiasts.


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