ATILIM SummerCamp-2019

ATILIM keeps its traditions continue with the SummerCamp 2019.

ATILIM, organizes international Summer Camps since 2015, the year ATILIM was established. In this regard, there are two planned SummerCamp events in 2019 and the first one was held on 10-14 July 2019. The camp was instructed by Sifu AKIN, founder and chief instructor of ATILIM.

Traditionally, each camp day starts with ATILIM Escrima for two hours, and following a break the second half continues with ATILIM WingTsun. Due to limited number of ATILIM Escrima instructors, students who are willing to train ATILIM Escrima but cannot find an opportunity enjoys training ATILIM Escrima directly instructed by Sifu AKIN.

Camps are great opportunities to combine fun, tourism and training. Side events such as short trips, barbeque, family dinner, etc. not only makes the camp a full holiday, but also serves as a family meeting for all ATILIM family. Great friendships starts, refreshes and strengthens throughout the camps.

On the other hand, training directly under the instruction of Sifu AKIN, both ATILIM WingTsun and ATILIM Escrima, is a unique opportunity for all ATILIM students.

Click here to watch the video clip of the camp.


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