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Another European Country Hosts Two ATILIM Seminars

ATILIM's European network of schools improves their capacity and reach more and more people. Following a strong foundation in the Netherlands, ATILIM started its activities in Poland under the leadership of Sihing M. Can ALTINTAŞ in 2019.

In a short time, ATILIM Poland started teaching groups in two different universities in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

ATILIM Poland members who could finish first student levels in both ATILIM WingTsun and ATILIM Escrima deserved their examination and ATILIM Poland hosted the first round of student seminars on March 1st, 2020.

ATILIM Poland members came together at the gym of a university on Sunday. Day started with ATILIM Escrima StudentSeminar. In the afternoon, it was the time for ATILIM WingTsun StudentSeminar.

Following the tiring day of seminars, all the participants enjoyed the pizza ordered by ATILIM. Both during and after the seminars, students had plenty of time to chat and ask any question they wondered to SiFu.

One of the participants, Z. Purevdorj told " It was a great pleasure to train directly with SiFu. He answered all our questions in detail and it was a great experience. Listening to the philosophy of ATILIM WingTsun and Escrima, learning how to apply these principles in our daily lives was great in many ways. Happy to be in a great family."

Upon the invitation of ATILIM Poland, some ATILIM Netherlands members were also present in the seminars.


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