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Two New "First Instructor Degree"

ATILIM increases the number of instructors in its team.

Sihing Egemen KAYMAZ and Sihing Anıl Direnç KORKMAZ are entitled First Instructor's Degree and their Diplomas were presented by Sifu AKIN at the NewYear Seminar on January 28, 2017.

Both Sihing Egemen KAYMAZ and Sihing Anıl Direnç KORKMAZ are among the pioneers of ATILIM family since the establishment of the Organization.

Sihing Egemen KAYMAZ is a direct student of Sifu AKIN since 1998. He trained a few years under the instruction of Sifu AKIN and kept his training under Sifu AVCI during seminars and camps since then. Following the announcement of Sifu AKIN to secede from another Wing Tsun organization, Sihing Egemen KAYMAZ was among the first callers. Mentioning his loyalty to Sifu AKIN, he said " I do not know what you will do or whether you will do anything about WingTsun, but our long term brotherhood forces me to be with you whether yo do or not do anything."

On the other hand, Sihing Anıl Direnç KORKMAz was also among ones to join the lines of ATILIM. Training Wing Tsun at another lineage, Sihing KORKMAZ were in search of a more broad viewed and dynamic family and getting introduced to Sifu AKIN by Sisuk Egemen GULDEN, former teacher of Sihing KORKMAZ, he decided to be part of ATILIM.

Both of the ATILIM members kept constant training under the umbrella of ATILIM and as of January 28, they both earned the diploma they deserved far more time ago.

They are the ones to strengthen ATILIM family more. We wish them a happy and healthy life contributing ATILIM family for decades with higher levels and titles.

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