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ATILIM continues activities in different Turkish cities. The recent events were held at ORDU, a lovely city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

Sifu AKIN, the chief instructor of ATILIM, instructed a two-day ATILIM WingTsun BootCamp, followed by a workshop for health care professionals.

Participants, students of ATILIM Ordu instructor Sihing Egemen KAYMAZ, enjoyed a high intensity training program led by Sifu AKIN.

BootCamps are ATILIM events which are focused on training only and no exams are held. Thus, Sifu AKIN did not make student exams.

In addition to two-day BootCamp, Sifu AKIN also instructed a workshop themed "Correct reaction saves lives" for the healthcare professionals in Ordu. Most of the participants were doctors working at different hospitals in Ordu. During the workshop, Sifu AKIN first gave a brief conference on the existing levels of violence to healthcare professionals in Turkey. After the conference, he made a demo on how easy it is to defend oneself. Following the demo, healthcare professionals applied the basics of self defense applications to save themselves in an emergency situaiton without any use of excessive force.

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