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2 Weeks-3 Continents-9 ATILIM Events

Sifu AKIN started conducting ATILIM events postponed due to corona restrictions.

Thus the second half of March 2022 was a bit crazy.

Sifu AKIN started the second half of March 2022 by traveling to USA. He stayed in USA on 18-19-20 March. Sifu AKIN instructed an ATILIM WingTsun BootCamp and StudentSeminar for kids and adults both on 18 and 19 March 2022. He also instructed an ATILIM Escrima BootCamp on 20 March before traveling back to Netherlands. His trip to USA finalized with five events.

Back in the Netherlands, Sifu AKIN instructed an ATILIM WingTsun AssistantSeminar and an ATILIM WingTsun StudentSeminar on 26 March; and ATILIM WingTsun StudentSeminar and ATILIM KIDS WingTsun StudentSeminar on 27 March.

AssistantSeminar and the StudentSeminar on 27 March were online and for ATILIM Members in Turkey. The StudentSeminar was hosted by Sihing Murat TEMEL of ATILIM Gebze School. Sihing Murat TEMEL assisted Sifu AKIN at the seminar and checked the practical capacity of the students under the guidance of Sifu AKIN.

Two other events were held at ATILIM GYM Amstelveen, Netherlands, one each day.

The total number of events on two weekends reached to 9 events in total instructed by Sifu AKIN in USA, Netherlands and Turkey.

"It is great to have an active schedule of ATILIM events after such long pause due to corona restrictions. ATILIM handled the difficult times of corona with great success keeping its members active by online classes and supporting them in many ways. Now, it is time to be active and we are fulfilling our promises to our ATILIM family members. We missed training together and keeping everything in track. There are lots we missed but there are lots we planned for our members. Keep watching ATILIM and see you at an ATILIM event soon." said Sifu AKIN.

Click here to see most up-to-date events schedule of ATILIM.


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