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The best for the best: working at ATILIM TacticalTraining & MartialArts.


All of our members are united by passion, going all in together to achieve the best. It is this passion that leads us on daily basis, however, we are one step behind our employees supporting them to realize their  capacity at the peak. We keep constant brain storming on how to improve our environment so that all our members feel themselves privileged to be a member of ATILIM family. We exercise new and innovative approaches to support our members for their success in their journey towards their career and expectations in their lives. 

We strongly believe that when our members receive the highest quality training, benefits and environment can they work and contribute at their best. This is the fundamental reason why we strive to provide our members exactly what is necessary for their safety, security, fitness, their business both in and out of ATILIM, and even their everyday life to get them where they are eager to go.


We are happy to share with you some of the details of what we offer. However, we believe it is more convincing if some of our individual members share their personal views and experiences of being and working here at ATILIM. We asked them what were the reasons for them to join ATILIM in the first place, deciding to stay and continuing to thrive at ATILIM. No matter whom we asked the question: we heard the same inspiring answers. 

Here is a short summary of what ATILIM members told us.


Members constantly refer to their classmates and other instructors as not just colleagues but as members of the same family. Many Wing Chun organizations claim to be a family system. However, in all those families the wealth of the father becomes the priority. In ATILIM family, father is ready to sacrifice his wealth for the well being of the family. This creates an environment made up of friends and members all around the world who respect one another as part of a greater family.  


While many Wing Chun or martial arts organizations prefer to be one man show, ATILIM focuses on improving institutional identity where all is for one and one is for all. Decisions are taken by a committee of instructors and executive committee instead of by a single person. Not only responsibilities, but also privileges and benefits are also shared.   


ATILIM leadership does not see martial arts business an old sector, but they see it as an innovative sector with the roots extending back to hundreds of years. The unique collective approach accumulates the know-how of the business and the data gathered used for new and original teaching methodology and new products in addition to a more comprehensive business style.   


While practicing martial arts is a hobby for all of us, ATILIM's unparalleled approach paves the road for a professional career in martial arts, sports and fitness from the hobby. Martial arts, sports and fitness businesses are expanding hugely. Human resources to meet the demand is not enough to carry the burden and many unqualified instructors are walking around and filling the gap with low quality training. However, ATILIM's focus on quality in education, training and business approach helps martial arts practitioners to have a secondary or a new primary career in martial arts, sports and fitness sector. ATILIM prepares its members patiently to the future so that each individual member can prefer martial arts as their career to feed their families. A career made of a hobby is a parallel approach of Confucius's "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."



Members of ATILIM have a true love for their martial arts disciplines. For them, it is not just a hobby, it's constantly developing their capacity, what they do, and ultimately making a difference in the world through the hobby they do, no matter they train WingTsun, Escrima, TacticalTraining, or any other discipline. ATILIM offers the tools and culture and an environment that allows members to do amazing things. 


ATILIM's focus is not only based on to protect ourselves but also the ones in need. ATILIM leads its members to take active participation in social responsibility projects in wide range. ATILIM members sometimes support an intimate partner violence victim, a child with autism or dawn syndrome, sometimes plant tress or take care of the animals in shelters. Being a member of ATILIM is a great opportunity to fulfill our duties to our environment and mankind. 


ATILIM presents a holistic and comprehensive curriculum. This curriculum does not only address to a quality martial arts training but also addresses to personal capacity building of its members. Among the topics included in the curriculum are human psychology, physiology, leadership and motivational skills, body language, conflict resolution, marketing and public relations, nutrition, business management, and etiquette, etc.   


Authenticity comes in countless forms, and we respect and celebrate the diversity of our people in both what they do and how they do it. Flat hierarchies and an environment that members in whatever level they have, from fresh in a group, to senior instructors. Members can essentially be themselves and we strive to work with people who are open-minded, naturally curious, accepting and tolerant. Our members enjoy and thrive on differences. And this makes ATILIM a fun, authentic and colorful workplace.


It takes a lot of effort, practice and, yes, passion to get to the top. As an organization, we want to redefine the future of martial arts and sports together. And we understand that this is a two-way street. While we have high expectations and set extraordinary goals for ourselves, we also offer an environment that allows people to achieve more than what they thought they were capable of.


Our approach is based on our motto "Out of Many, ONE!"


You might ask: what about the money? We compare our total benefits packages with those offered by other organizations and listen to members and instructors and new prospects for their reactions to our benefits package. This allows us to create competitive financial benefits to round out the full deal.

We hope you are keen on to join us. Click here to kick off your ATILIM membership. 


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