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ATILIM SummerCamp '20 Finished

ATILIM SummerCamp '20, which is coordinated by ATILIM-Netherlands between 5-10 August 2020 finished.

With the participants from Netherlands, Poland, and Belgium, SummerCamp '20 was a success in many ways. Following covid pandemic limitations, it was the first international event of ATILIM Global. Due to the end of travel bans, ATILIM members from Poland and Belgium could travel to Netherlands and participate the SummerCamp.

The camp took place in multiple locations. Seashore, park, and forest were among training sites. With the exceptionally warm sunny days in the Netherlands, participants enjoyed the sun and fun while improving their personal capacities in ATILIM Escrima and ATILIM WingTsun.

Each day participants could train more than 4 hours, of which 2 hours ATILIM Escrima and 2 hours ATILIM WingTsun. Furthermore, the participants who finished their curriculum and were eligible to have exam got their exams.


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