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Stronger Partnership

ATILIM strengthens its cooperation with its partners.

End of 2000-2001 school year, ATILIM started a partnership with UniKidz, a well known chain of after schools. As the first step of cooperation, ATILIM instructors started teaching ATILIM KIDS WingTsun at Westwijk Branch of UniKidz in Amstelveen. Due to the success of the partnership, UniKidz started ATILIM KIDS WingTsun at other three locations in Amsterdam area.

New cooperation was not limited to ATILIM KIDS WingTsun classes. ATILIM also started Mind Games classes as part of its School Wellness & Sports Program.

Within the framework of enhanced partnership, ATILIM instructors also conducted classes at summer school coordinated by UniKidz.

ATILIM, a trendsetting martial arts organization, enhances its capacity to reach more people and touch their health and wellness in a holistic manner.


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