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Starting 2019 with ATILIM

ATILIM, literal translation of which is advancement, keeps itself forced to have new steps each day. In this regard, ATILIM will start the new year 2019 with a new ATILIM WingTsun group in Samsun.

The group will start in Baruthane district of Samsun under the instruction of Sihing Murat KÖSE at "Pars 55" Sports club.

Joining of Sihing Ata Yavuz ÖZDEMİR to ATILIM is the start of ATILIM activities in Samsun, TURKEY. Later on joining of Sihing Ferda NAMDAR and Sihing Murat KÖSE strengthen the foundaitons of ATILIM in Samsun.

With the start of the second group in Samsun, ATILIM will be able to touch the lives of more people for a healthy and secure life.

Stop wasting your time and start training ATILIM WingTsun- Escrima to reach the best shape of you as a bonus in a healthy and friendly environment.


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