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Fighting Against Corona

Many people are stuck at their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite lockdowns, ATILIM members are decisive to pursue their active lifestyle. Because coronavirus spreads easily and asymptomatically, ATILIM leadership insists their members to stay at their homes and support them to keep them there. Thus, as of today (23 March) ATILIM started online classes which members can participate from their homes and train directly with Sifu AKIN.

"We are staying at homes for precaution. However, this cannot change our ATILIM lifestyle. For ATILIM, crises are also opportunities. While being stuck at our homes, we had a chance to train directly with Sifu AKIN. Despite worsening conditions all over the world, ATILIM will comeover these difficulties as a whole strong family," Sihing Bilal YENER told us.

Sifu AKIN will keep instructing online classes until the lockdown in Turkey is over. ATILIM also started to prepare itself for classes in English for international members.


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