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ATILIM Nederland Starts a Trainer Program

ATILIM Nederland (ATILIM MartialArts &Wellness BV) starts a program for the potential trainers.

According to the market research and the potential of ATILIM WingTsun - Escrima as a business in the Netherlands, ATILIM Nederland is in serious need of instructors.

Thus, ATILIM Nederland decided to start a high intensity training program for the potential instructors to help them get ready for the next school year to meet the necessity of instructors for the new groups.

The program is planned to continue until end of August 2020. Successful participants are going to be offered full time job at ATILIM Nederland to teach ATILIM disciplines such as ATILIM WingTsun, ATILIM Escrima, ATILIM KIDS WingTsun, ATILIM CombatFitness and ATILIM FunctionalFitness.

If you are willing to define an alternative path to your career, feel free to contact ATILIM Nederland.

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