6 Ways ATILIM Kids WingTsun®-Escrima® Can Completely Stop Bullying

Bullying is a nightmare for families each day when they send their children to schools. It is also a serious nightmare for the kids. When they open their eyes in the morning, it is just the start of another scary day because of bullies waiting them in the schools. Bullying is an epidemic affecting millions of children every day.

It is the utmost responsibility of parents and teachers to guide the children in an effort to stop the terrible rough behavior of children. However, it is not always possible to identify and prevent an ongoing bullying.

One of the best ways to get stop bullying once and for all is to register your children in an ATILIM Kids Wing-Tsun® or ATILIM Kids Escrima® class.

These disciplines are for both the parties; whether the children is bullied or being the bully. Joining these classes will inject them the knowledge and the wisdom of self-defense, while teaching them the universal values like respect, sportsmanship, responsibility, and camaraderie.

In this article we share the 6 Ways ATILIM Kids WingTsun®- Escrima® Can Completely Stop Bullying.

1) ATILIM Kids WingTsun®-Escrima® teach children respect

One of the most important lessons ATILIM Kids WingTsun® and ATILIM Kids Escrima® teach is the value of respect. Respect plays a huge role in ATILIM Kids classes, from the respect shown to our superiors, down to the respect we show our peers. This is why ATILIM classes always begin with a bow to the instructor and the peers.

Respect is a key behavior we start emphasizing from the very beginning of the first class and never stops throughout our journey of martial arts life. Learning to respect their instructors and their class mates, children become open to looking at their own mistakes and how to correct them from a critical approach.

When the student embodies respect to his character, he will get further away from bullying or being bullied.

2) It gives children a good sense of sportsmanship

Our days, the society is mostly focused on winning and losing. One of the greatest behaviors ATILIM Kids classes teach is that it’s not always about winning and losing, but enjoying the journey itself.

In this sense, ATILIM Kids classes are the perfect sources of sportsmanship or a fighter’s spirit. In each class, the students gain knowledge, wisdom, and experience from any difficulty they face and they never lose. It’s the experiences that builds the capacity, and this is what our children pick up during ATILIM training.

A large portion of ATILIM Kids classes deal with one’s own self-improvement. However, self-improvement is not achievable without the help of those around. Through our classes, children work together to combine their skills and master their art. Along the journey, they develop a great sense of sportsmanship and fighter’s spirit.

Fighter’s spirit is a great tool to have in the toolbox to a happy life, because things won’t always go our way. When they experience defeat, it is important that they look past the result and understand that experience is much more valuable than just plain victory.

3) Martial arts empowers children with responsibility

Being able to physically protect one’s self and those around, martial arts empowers the children with a solid sense of responsibility.

ATILIM Kids classes improves confidence in their skills and this sort of self-belief is accompanied by an understanding that they have an inherent responsibility to use martial arts in the proper way. We aren’t teaching self-defense so that the children may inflict harm on others. We are teaching in