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ATILIM in full speed of activities in the Netherlands

ATILIM establishes a strong structure in the Netherlands even started its activities in less than a year in the country.

In this regard, ATILIM will have three events in ten days. The first event, ATILIM WingTsun StudentSeminar is already among the past events. However, on 19 October 2019, Saturday there will be two more events. The first one will be ATILIM KIDS WingTsun AssistantSeminar, and the second will be the first ATILIM Escrima StudentSeminar in the Netherlands.

There is a huge potential of martial arts in the Netherlands as the country has many world champions in multiple martial arts disciplines. Even ATILIM WingTsun or ATILIM Escrima are not for competitions, they serve as a great means of health and personal capacity building for individuals regardless of age, gender and overall physical capabilities.


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