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A new SIFU in ATILIM Family

Since its establishment in 2015, ATILIM is improving both in number and quality of students. In this manner, ATILIM leadership takes all the necessary steps to carry the ATILIM Family to a stronger future.

Recently, Sifu AKIN presented "SIFU" title to Süleyman YÜKSEL, an ATILIM Member since the establishment of ATILIM in 2015.

Sifu Süleyman YÜKSEL, started WingTsun in another organization in 2011. When Sifu AKIN announced ATILIM in 2015, he was among the pioneers to join ATILIM family. Since then he fulfilled all his responsibilities and did his best to improve both his own WingTsun capacity and the quality of his students. Joining ATILIM ranks, Sifu Süleyman YÜKSEL was among the first three instructors who obtained "Instructor" level in ATILIM. Furthermore, he established the second ATILIM GYM in Muğla and kept teaching there. As of now, he is teaching at ATILIM GYM in Muğla and conducting ATILIM WingTsun StudentSeminars in Turkey on behalf of Sifu AKIN.

At the ceremony Sifu AKIN said "Süleyman is one of the instructors who understands the philosophy of ATILIM best. Since the first day he joined ATILIM Family, Süleyman always did his personal best to improve himself and strengthen our family. For me, presenting the rights of our members at the deserved time is of utmost importance. If someone is trying to improve, it is my responsibility to help him/her to open all the ways that he can safely proceed. Süleyman has always been in search of better and I tried my best to help him. It is my pleasure to see hardworking ATILIM members, and I ll keep supporting all our family. So today (January 31) is an important date for ATILIM family. I am happy to pronounce Süleyman YÜKSEL as a "Sifu" in ATILIM. Now on he is Sifu Süleyman YÜKSEL for new starters in ATILIM family. I am confident to pronounce Süleyman YÜKSEL as a Sifu. I am in WingTsun nearly three decades and I see how a great WingTsun practitioner he is. As being a Sifu is not only a technical but a leadership title, Sifu YÜKSEL is among the best to deserve the title. Being a sifu is shouldering more responsibilities in our family and I am happy Sifu Süleyman YÜKSEL is among us. I wish him success as the newest SIFU in ATILIM family. I wish ATILIM family a new year full of success and developments"

Sifu Süleyman YUKSEL is the third instructor to obtain Sifu title in ATILIM ranks.


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