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A New ATILIM GYM, a Big Step at ATILIM Nederland,

Since starting its activities in 2018, ATILIM constantly improved its activities in the Netherlands.

First rented gyms at different schools on hourly rentals, then co-shared a gym in Amstelveen.

Unfortunately, due to Covid pandemic, there has been a freeze in activities. But since May 2021 activities re started. With the increased number of students, the existing gym is not enough for the classes of ATILIM and that is why Sifu AKIN decided to open a new gym in Amstelveen.

After searching many spaces, Sifu AKIN decided on a location in Amstelveen. As of now, the contract is signed and ATILIM will start its new location starting from December 1st.

Once the construction and preparations start, we will update news.


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