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ATILIM Groups in Amstelveen, Netherlands

ATILIM is expanding its activities in the Netherlands with new openings. In a cooperation with a gym in Amstelveen, ATILIM will start new groups in the region.

As of the beginning of October 2019, ATILIM will start ATILIM WingTsun and ATILIM Escrima classes in the town. Also, a new ATILIM WingTsun class will start for kids.

Later, ATILIM CombatFitness and ATILIM FunctionalFitness classes will also start under the qualified instructors of ATILIM.

ATILIM, starting its activities in late 2018 in the Netherlands, expanding its activities quickly to meet the demand and to reach more people.

Please click here to get the contact details of the new ATILIM classes.

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