10 Ultimate Benefits Of ATILIM WingTsun® & ATILIM Escrima® That Will Completely Transform Your L

Choosing to start ATILIM WingTsun®-Escrima® is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Regardless of your reasons for starting ATILIM classes, you’ll definitely get more than what you’ve been looking for.

In this article, we share 10 Ultimate Benefits of ATILIM WingTsun®-Escrima®. Here they are:

1) Burn body fat & Lose weight.

Kicking, punching, hitting or rolling on the ground is one of the best ways to lose or burn body fat without realizing it. While you are focusing on learning and improving your skills, losing weight comes as a bonus. In this regard, you do not feel any psychological pressure by focusing on losing weight but enjoy your journey and personal development.

2) Burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.

Studies show that practicing martial arts burns nearly a thousand calories in an hour. Thanks to repeating the same moves hundreds of times and sparring, ATILIM WingTsun®- Escrima® classes, when trained high intensity, becomes a great tool to get rid of thousands of calories every class. We also burn additional calories during learning, warm-up and cool down phases.

3) Get into your best shape ever.

​When you practice ATILIM WingTsun®- Escrima®, pushing yourself to the limit is part of the norm. Having this mindset encourages you to work hard, which in turn pays off not only mentally but physically as well. In ATILIM WingTsun®- Escrima® classes your body will be forged for your fittest peak.

4) Learn self-defense for the real world.

ATILIM WingTsun®- Escrima® is the best way to prepare you to defend yourself from attackers by giving you the instincts to react quickly in the most dangerous situations. What you’ve learned in class are designed to be applicable in real life.

5) Inherit more confidence and courage.

Confidence develops gradually and knowing that you can defend yourself against an attacker, or even a larger opponent boosts your confidence to face whatever comes your way throughout your life. It also gives you the courage to step up to any challenge when necessary.

6) Develop mental strength, discipline and focus.