Invest the health and success of your kids.


is a great way to support healthy growing of your kids. 

Helping YOUR CHILDREN to reach their safety, health and fitness goals.

Healthy, Strong and Self-Confident Kids

✔ Your child is a victim of bullying?

✔ Your child needs to build self-confidence?

✔ Your child is PC games addict?

✔ Your child needs a new social environment?

✔ Your child needs to develop a healthy and strong life?

✔ Your child need a fun after school activity?


✔ Your child need improved motoric skills and coordination?


✔ Your child needs improved risk and threat awareness?


✔ Your child needs more leadership skills?


ATILIM KIDS WingTsun  is what you need!!!

No more excuses. 

in Amstelveen!!!

A tailored curriculum focusing on physical, mental,

emotional and character development of kids while teaching self-defense.


ATILIM KIDS WingTsun (WT) class:

  • is a great after school activity,

  • helps healthy physical growth and functional strength,

  • improves agility and speed,

  • increases motoric and coordination skills,

  • is the most appropriate and functional self-defense,

  • builds self-confidence,

  • increases risk awareness,

  • is great safe and friendly social environment,

  • provides fun active environment,

  • builds leadership skills and boost motivation,

  • teaches patience and team work,

  • is a holistic approach to wellbeing of kids.

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