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WingTsun- Escrima

in a HYBRID Training Model directly from Sifu AKIN

Helping KIDS to reach their safety, health and fitness goals.


No more excuses to start ATILIM WingTsun or ATILIM Escrima, and reach your fitness and safety goals even if there is no ATILIM School around you. With the revolutionary HYBRID Training Module for ATILIM WingTsun and ATILIM Escrima, it is easy and accessible to learn ATILIM WingTsun and ATILIM Escrima directly from Sifu AKIN.



What is HYBRID Training Model...?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between Regular Group Class and HYBRID Training Model?  

HYBRID Training Model is a distance teaching model for ease of access to ATILIM WingTsun and ATILIM Escrima learning journey.

Yes. HYBRID Training Model is designed to reach everybody globally and help them learn ATILIM WingTsun-Escrima even there is no ATILIM school around. Let me show you how it works:

       Learn and train the curriculum of each level step-by-step directly from Sifu AKIN via instructional videos (around 3/5 of the whole curriculum).

      Join online group lessons, in English, French, Turkish or Dutch languages, of a certified ATILIM Instructor (around 1/5 of the whole curriculum).

       Participate ATILIM classes at a certified ATILIM School of your preference and brush your skillset for real life encounters (around 1/5 of the whole curriculum).

       Join any international seminars of Sifu AKIN or certified ATILIM Instructors and get your exam. 

       Start your new ATILIM WingTsun- Escrima StudentProgram.

Video Lessons by Sifu AKIN
Applied Online Classes

HYBRID Training Model

Applied Group Lessons

HYBRID Training Model Gives You The Opportunity You Need In A Comprehensive Training Model!  

Yes. HYBRID Training Model Gives You The Opportunity You Need to Learn, Train, Simulate and Field Test Your  Fighting Skills in Addition to Providing You Fit, Strong and Stress Free Martial Arts Life Style. 

       Learn the curriculum in detail directly from Sifu AKIN, the founder and chief instructor of ATILIM with prerecorded video lessons.

       Train with the instruction of Sifu AKIN via videos.

       Get your techniques corrected by online sessions by certified ATILIM Instructors. 

      Participate classes in any certified ATILIM School and simulate and field test your skills that you have acquired through video lessons and online sessions. 

      All efforts need to be crowned. Follow the international seminar calendar and join nay of them to be tested and get your certificate.  

       Restart the cycle for the new program. 

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:


Do I have to install anything?

No. Prerecorded videos are already uploaded to YouTube. You can watch the videos and train under instruction of Sifu AKIN via any web browser. 



Do I pay for each video or sessions?

No. You pay the price of each StudentProgram, approximately 50 hours of training. So one payment until you are certified. Then you are expected to buy the next StudentProgram.  


If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes. We have a first class support team who can answer all your questions. Furthermore, you have all your time to ask any question you like during online group sessions and face-to-face group lessons.


Do I have to pay for certification?

No. You pay the price of each StudentProgram including testing and certification. Thus one payment for one StudentProgram. No hidden cost.   


When can I join online sessions?

We recommend a few online sessions after each ten hour prerecorded video lessons. In this way, our certified trainers can check your techniques and correct them before a wrong muscle memory develops.  


How can I register for online sessions?

We have multiple sessions going on on different times and days of the week. When you contact us, we will register you to the most convenient one that fits into your schedule and level. 


When can I participate face-to-face group lessons?

We recommend a few online sessions after each ten hour prerecorded video lessons and few online sessions.  



Do I need to finish all the lessons and session to be accepted to test?

Yes. You have to finish all the curriculum through prerecorded videos, online sessions and face-to-face classes. 


How do you know whether I trained enough to participate online sessions and face-to-face classes or testing?

What we teach is not a game. We take every detail into serious consideration. We are preparing you into real life encounters. And, your body can react correctly under stress  if it has real good muscle memory. Thus, we apply enough stress on you to find out what you have in your body. Our certification is not for what you know, but for what you can.    


Is my certification valid like a regular classroom environment programs?

Yes. Either regular classroom environment or our hybrid training model is teaching the same curriculum and expecting you develop the same reactions. Thus, no difference at all.


I have Wing Chun/ Escrima background form another organization. Do you accept my existing level?

Yes, we accept. However, you have to pass through an integration process which is shorter in time, however expected reactions are the same like any of our students. The sooner you upgrade yourself to the level of ATILIM, the sooner you learn new programs.


If I am integrating, do I still pay the same price for each StudentProgram?

No. You are recommended to directly get into contact with us and discuss your situation in detail. When we learn what you have, then we can help you in the best way. As each different organization have different curriculum, how much we have to teach you varies. This is the main factor in our evaluation.   


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