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Diversity is essential for creativity and innovative ideas at ATILIM TacticalTraining & MartialArts Organization. This is the reason we see diversity as a central pillar of ATILIM’s commercial success and a key component of our organization strategy.


ATILIM will be organizing many activities to promote Diversity not only in its strategy but also in its daily routine. Discovering new things as well as the exchange between ATILIM family members and their very own characteristics, strengths and functions will be the most important topic of those activities.


Our Diversity dimensions

An organizational culture that recognizes and values diversity as an asset is our basis – always thinking in terms of individual competence. Our focus lies on four dimensions of diversity: Gender, Generation, Internationality and a Work Culture in which our family members can be authentic – with their personal career plans, lifestyles and private goals.

Gender: Equal opportunities for all

Many studies show: Mixed teams in which women and men cooperate at all levels of the company develop better products and services. At ATILIM, everyone has the same opportunities regardless of gender – and that applies to leadership roles, too.

Generations: Age is not a question at all

Competence is not a question of age. What matters is the combination of practical experience and fresh ideas. Our goal is to create a family environment where up to four generations can work together. We encourage knowledge transfer and are open to the needs of the different generations. We are therefore committed to lifelong learning and an active management.

Internationality: One world with many perspectives

Our internationality makes us strong. We expand to new countries by opening new schools. We believe each new member from different countries will contribute our global approach. Our intercultural diversity helps us to ensure that we provide optimal services for all safety and security needs worldwide. We promote intercultural courses, language courses and individual development programs among our family members.

Working culture: A good balance between professional and private life

To promote diversity sustainably, we foster a work culture in which our members can be authentic. We support these different wishes with flexible working hours and a good work-life balance – for both women and men. We welcome people who think outside the box – and use the full potential of diversity for ATILIM.


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