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Calling All Fighters


Now you have the chance to become your own boss and fulfill your franchising dreams in martial arts and fitness industry with ATILIM GYM. With an increasing global brand recognition, ATILIM provides multiple revenue streams in flexible options to select from, which will force you to ask yourself, why not?

Increasing Global Recognition: ATILIM is an elite martial arts and fitness brand active in 9 countries with more than 50 locations reaching thousands of people. With powerhouse brand, ATILIM, there is exceptional growth opportunity for ATILIM GYM franchises.

Multiple Revenue Streams: In ATILIM GYM, we offer the opportunity to drive revenue from multiple sources. From membership to retail, private coaching to group classes and seminars, we will help you discover and delve into options to secure additional funds year after year.

Broad Appeal: ATILIM GYM offers a full range of martial arts and fitness training, youth and family classes in a supportive and motivating environment.

Flexible Business Models: ATILIM GYM has flexible business models to best fit your budget and business goals from boutique studio to premium fitness facility, we will work with you on finding your best fit.


Join the industry and become

part of the ATILIM family,

and be your own boss.


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