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ATILIM is a new company looking forward to future. It is our dedication to help the people have healthier, fitter, secure and safe lives while giving utmost importance to the well-being of our members and instructors. Our motto “Out of many, ONE” focuses on our creativity and innovation to shape the future of our sector. We have strong roots to carry the history of our martial arts sports and fitness, combined with the experience and quality of our instructors, to the future. Take advantage of this and expand your own strengths with us. We offer you professional development and exciting tasks in a dynamic working environment.


Your mandate: contribute to wellness, health and safety of people?

We are committed to contribute wellness, fitness, health and safety of people, and forward-looking services that improve people’s lives.

Do you want to work for martial arts, fitness, exercise, wellness or few of them together?

ATILIM is a company not limiting its activities just for one or two disciplines. It has its strategic planning to fill the gap in other branches and disciplines related to martial arts, sports, exercise and wellness. We reached around 30 locations in 4 countries around the world in less than a year.

Do you want to be a member of a dynamic family?

So do we. In the spirit of our company founder Sifu Hasan AKIN, we believe in the strength of a family. Thus, we are ready to help each of our members and also ready to contribute to each one of them.

Are you looking for balance?

We understand that there is more to life than work. To help our associates give their best, we actively support them in striking a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. You become the boss of your life.

Are you looking for more than a job?

We not only offer you a job, we also give you something to identify with: most probably 100% of all ATILIM members are proud to be part of the organization.

Are you a good fit for ATILIM?

You are a unique human being. We appreciate your individuality and believe that diversity is an asset for our organization.

Is social responsibility more important to you than short-term gain?

Our corporate structure supports and motivates our members to be active in social and environmental projects toward supporting future generations.

Are you from another organization willing to join ATILIM?

ATILIM members and instructors have have outstanding opportunities, and financial and institutional earnings. To learn more please get into contact with ATILIM leadership. 

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