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A tailored curriculum focusing on physical, mental,

emotional and character development of kids

Parents seek the best for their kids to prepare them to the difficulties of life. Kids are the future of the family. Any investment on kids is an investment for the future of them.

Exercises in ATILIM WingTsun (WT) classes help kids for healthy physical growth and functional strength. Even the forms such as Siu Nim Tau and Cham Kiu- which are relatively passive or isometric exercises - are quite helpful for a strong physical growth. The holistic approach of classes serves as a great instrument for healthy physical development - not only for strength but also for agility and speed. ATILIM WT classes helps the kids to reach their best potentials physically and mentally.

Our classes increase the motoric skills of kids. Exercises and drills help them to improve their coordination skills as well. Improved body coordination is a great lifelong asset to ease their lives.


Kidnapping, rape, bullying or homicide rates are in a constant increase. ATILIM WT is the most appropriate and functional self defense system for physically weaker individuals such as kids and women. As kids learn how to defend themselves, both the kid and the parents can have a more confident life. We don't claim a kid can beat an adult until death. What we mean is a correct reaction at a correct time and correct speed can be a life saver. This reaction may provide the essential time for the kid to be able to get away from the threat environment. Our curriculum does not only teaches how to defend, it also focuses on how not to face a threat, what are the early warning signals and how to get away from the danger without the problem erupts.    

Self confidence is a vital characteristic that will help the kids all their lives. ATILIM WT classes increase the self confidence of kids. In addition to being an important part of a social environment, kids also builds their individual characteristics.

ATILIM WT classes are a safe and active environment for kids. Kids enjoy the classes and while spending their time to improve themselves, they enjoy the fun of the activities. Activities are picked to help the kids build their leadership skills and motivations. Classes are such a fun that kids never feel that they have to go to a class, but they are eager to have fun and play games at the classes.

ATILIM WT also teaches patience and team work to kids. In addition to all these manners mentioned above, ATILIM WT classes also teaches many aspects of a safe and secure life from how to walk in the street to traffic rules, from how to obey instructions of parents and teachers to how to fulfill responsibilities.


We, ATILIM WT instructors, are well aware of the importance of your kids for you and for the community. That is why we give utmost importance to the training of kids to prepare them for their long and healthy lives with ATILIM WT classes.


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