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For physically weaker, to be able to resist stronger!!!

Women are vulnerable to attacks anytime in modern days. Rape, snatch, or intimate partner violence are among the violence women encounter in their lives. When compared to men, women are physically weaker and this makes them a potential target. Statistics show that at least one out of four women becomes a victimof intimate partner violence. When other crimes victimizing women added, it is a serious risk women face everyday in their lives.  


In addition to natural physical weakness, pregnancy and other illnesses also limits body movements of women. Because of all these points, the possibility of an attack to a women increases a lot. 


ATILIM WingTsun (WT) does not need physical strength and brutal power. That is why, ATILIM WT is the unique solution for the safety needs of women in a real attack. Furthermore, ATILIM WT teaches individuals to protect themselves in any physical and environmental condition, which makes ATILIM WT a custom tailored solution for the safety needs of anybody regardless of their physical strenght and athletic capasity.    

Chi Sau workout is a fundemantal part of ATILIM WT trainings. This workout increases sensibility of tactile reflexes which creates auto responses against any attacks. A women use less body power compared to men, it becomes easier for them to react with actile reflexes in an outstanding performance and speed.   

ATILIM WT training is also great to lose weight and keep fit. Whole body works out during a regular class. This allows a good toning in addition to a general weigth loss and control. ATILIM WT classes are a pefect solution for weight loss and control while keeping fit.


Finally, we can conclude that it is hidden in the history of ATILIM WT why it is the best fit for women self defence. The founder and first student of WingTsun are two womennamely NgMui and Yim Wing Tsun. 


As a result, ATILIM WT is great alternative for self defence, and conditioned and fit body for women. 

Please feel free to visit our free trial classes in any ATILIM WT group/school to have a first person experience why it is great for you, for the women.  

Click here to contact the nearest ATILIM School.

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