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"E Pluribus Unum- Out of Many, ONE"


ATILIM MartialArts and TacticalTraining, headquarters in McLean, VA., was founded by Sifu Hasan AKIN as an umbrella organization focused on teaching WingTsun, Escrima, and Tactical Training for law enforcement. In time, ATILIM enriched its services by developing unique specialty programs for women, kids and 60+ years. Serving in exercise industry, ATILIM developed ATILIM CombatFitness and ATILIM FunctionalFitness concepts as well.   

Furthermore, seeing the lack of qualified facilities serving the real needs, ATILIM also developed its own franchise brand, ATILIM GYM, which focus not only martial arts but multiple exercise and fitness activities.  

In belief of serving the people needs care and attention, ATILIM leadership developed Corporate Wellness programs which are successfully implemented both at schools and corporates.   


As a constantly evolving and growing company, ATILIM forced to start its brand name ATILIM FightersGear to meet the needs of its members. However, the high quality products started to get attention of all consumers and ATILIM FightersGear products is becoming a trademark producing and selling uniforms and equipment for fitness industry.   

With its unique curriculum that will focus on the best practices of not only Sifu AKIN's 30+ years martial arts experience but also the synergy of all its instructors, ATILIM will be an institute to build the capacity of all its members.


High quality standards of training for real life encounters, and healthy and safe life is the goal of ATILIM, and this will be implemented with seminars and camps for grading and examinations.


Transparency, innovation and synergy of all its members will be the power engine of ATILIM. While WingTsun, Escrima and TacticalTraining are founding disciplines, ATILIM will cooperate with other reputable martial arts instructors as a management model to increase its services to embrace the whole community.

Safety, health and wellness is a combination of a holistic approach. ATILIM is keen on embracing whole life of its members and customers for their safety, health and wellness.    


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